Blog post made easy with Narrative app 3
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Blog post made easy with Narrative app

I've been waiting for this app so long. Now it's a game changer to my future blog posts. It's called Narrative. Small and fast app to create storytelling blog posts. Ideal for photographers, especially wedding photographers.
How to Fix WordPress Not Sending Email Issue 4
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How to Fix WordPress Not Sending Email Issue

Did you know that sometimes your WordPress contact forms may not be sending you an email? Are you missing form notifications in email? With a few changes to your website settings, you can easily fix this problem. In this tutorial, I will show you how to fix the WordPress contact form not sending email issue.
My favourite WordPress plugins 5
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My favourite WordPress plugins

Many of you asked me what plugins do I use for my website. Also you wanted to know how I keep my website optimised and fast. Well, let me share that with you ....
Why SEO costs? 6
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Why SEO costs?

Despite the constant increase in customer awareness about SEO, many of them are still asking "why SEO is expensive?"
Sitemaps and New Search Console 7
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Sitemaps and New Search Console

Thanks to the New Search Console we exactly know what pages Google index and what not. Now it's easy to find a source of issues for lack of indexed pages. The new Search Console, though it is still in the Beta version, is already helping to solve the problems that required the use of external tools so far. I can't wait for the next updates.
Who uses WordPress 8
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Who uses WordPress

WordPress is extremely powerful. Because WordPress is so flexible you can build almost anything. For use WordPress is the Swiss Army Knife of web design and SEO.
Use SSL to Look Better in Google 9
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Use SSL to Look Better in Google

Deciding whether to migrate to HTTPS protocol has become a no-brainer. The main benefit of HTTPS is that it provides a secure connection to users on the pages where they share personal data with you. It’s great to have on your entire website. But, when a user shares precious info, like credit card details, contact form details, HTTPS adds extra layers of protection.
SEO for dummies photographers 11
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SEO for dummies photographers

Those blogging on WordPress should be somewhat familiar with WordPress SEO. If you are blogging on WordPress for fun only or you know the basics, then you may want to move on and not read further. However, if you are blogging for money-making purposes, you may want to continue reading here about WordPress SEO.
5 Reasons Your Business May Fail with Bad Hosting 12
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5 Reasons Your Business May Fail with Bad Hosting

We have given the shared hosting industry a hard time here. The reality is they’re in the business of making money without thinking about you, the customer. Read why using a cheap shared hosting is bad for your business.