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Hi! As you might know I try many website theme/builder so you don’t have to. I even use my own credit card to pay for them – so you know which ones to avoid. Today I start a series of articles about Flothemes. Thanks to Ross Tanner, who shared with me their templates I have a chance to take a deep look on them… Flothemes is a group of forward thinking creatives. They deliver beautiful WordPress themes for many photographers. Those themes are lovely, simple and clean. This is what I love the most about websites. Flothemes have a similar philosophy to mine. Simple manifesto; Dream Big knowing that people matter. So enough talking, I am going to build a website based on Flothemes and work on optimisation and SEO – so let’s go! First article – buy and install the theme.

Let’s Get Started

First of all, time to buy a theme! This is actually very simple. Visit Flothemes and check for some discounts! Yes, that’s right! Flothemes offer some discount coupons from time to time. You will find them on their home page or Flothemes Facebook. At the moment they are offering 20% OFF on all Flothemes with promocode FLOOCEAN.

flothemes discount

If you were lucky enough then you’ve got your promocode, if not… sorry. From the top menu go to Themes. Now this is a paradise here. You can test and see all themes in action, find out more about them and finally buy your favourite one. On this occasion I’ve decided to go ahead with Porto. In my opinion this is the most flexible theme from Flothemes. Because I am going to test them and push to the limits in optimisation I reckon it’s the best choice for me.


Really Simple Purchase


1) Pick the theme


2) Choose extras if needed


3) Confirm and checkout


4) Download. Wahoo!



First of all, I’ve started with clean WordPress installation. That mean it’s a brand new and clean setup. Installing theme is easy, like any other theme start with zipped theme upload. In my scenario I’m going to install also a Child theme for better customisation options.

Step one – Go to Apperance > Themes


Step two – Click Add New button


Step three – Upload zipped theme file and Install



Step four – Repeat steps 1-3 with Child Theme

Step five – Activate Child Theme


Step six – Install and activate recommended plugins






OK! Job done. Theme installation is complete! Now as an optional step you can configure Visual Composer like on the image below. Visual Composer > Role Manager > Post types set as custom and select all categories (post, page, gallery, slideshow and video – we might use that in future).


Like you see, that wasn’t a pain. Everything was smooth and easy even for WordPress beginners. There is one more thing I recommend to all WordPress installations, increase memory allowance. Before we move to the next article time to start with something… So I’ve created two pages: Home and Blog and connected them in Flo quick setup (Apperance > Flo quick setup > step 3 & step 4)




Now the installation is really done. As I expected it was easy and no surprises. Time to Configure Flothemes. Watch this space and stay updated with new articles about Flothemes. Please leave a comment below and let me know if you had any issues with Flothemes installation and what are your thoughts about it so far. If you need any help with Flothemes installation give me a shout! Cheers!

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