Looks like something weird happened to Google. Looks like their update went wrong. Since two days I see plenty of websites deindexed – Google Bug?. Being precise – homepages. Those who doesn’t check their rankings and website backend probably even didn’t notice that, but it’s time to act now. You can easily check and fix that.

Is my website indexed?

That’s super easy. Go to Google, in the search type site:yourdomain.com. If you see your homepage on the first position then probably all good! If not, you are affected!

Google Deindexed Page Overnight - April 2019 Bug? 2

Re-Index website

Let’s work. Visit your Search Console and in the top bar type your URL (website address) then Enter. It will check the homepage. If your page is in the Google index then happy days, if not, click to re-index. No matter what you get, I suggest to Request Indexing. Do the same to all main pages (about, offer, portfolio, blog, contact, etc)

Google Deindexed Page Overnight - April 2019 Bug? 3

I hope this help you to come back to Google Ranking. Leave a comment below if you were affected or if you have any other tips!

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