There are quite a few different Lightroom controllers out there but, I think nothing can compare to the awesomeness you get with Loupdeck. I have to admit it is quite a pricey product, however, after using it a few times you realise it’s worth every penny. This funky tool will speed up your editing and make it a whole lot more exciting.

Editing images can be a really slow and boring process for a lot of photographers, I know it was for me for a long time. I started searching for a tool that would allow me to work faster and also make it more fun. In December 2015 I bought Minimal by Pusher Labs and I thought it was my answer.

Loupdeck Review - Editing Console for Photographers 2

At first it was very exciting to edit the images and feel like a DJ at the same time, haha! But, after a few weddings I realised that the response lag was actually slowing me down and I stopped using it.

I spent the next few months editing with a keyboard only and then saw some of my friends had started using the Loupdeck. Once I saw it’s original design, made especially for Lightroom, I was sold and had to try it. I love all sorts of gadgets that make my life easier, helping me to improve my workflow and this is definitely one of them.

Loupdeck Review - Editing Console for Photographers 3

Setting up the Loupdeck could not be easier and within minutes you are ready to edit your images. It takes a few full edits to get used to the ‘most used’ controls but, once you memorise them you can edit without looking at the console. Then you really start saving time! If you provide your clients with let’s say 500 images and are able to save even 15 seconds per image, that means you save 2 hours per wedding. Multiply that number by the amount of weddings you shoot every year and you will get the true value of this product!

The sleek design and the knobs allocated to the most important Lightroom controls work just perfectly. There is no lag at all and you can smoothly and very quickly change the settings. The only thing that I’m really missing in Loupedeck is the straightening of the image. This is the only control that I would like to be added and then editing would be a dream. On the plus side, the fast cropping mode works great!

This review can literally come down to one sentence – it is a great, innovative tool and everyone should at least give it a try!

What I really love about Loupedeck is that it is super responsive and it really makes editing a different experience. Once you replace your keyboard with the console you get into your work mode (just don’t forget to close the facebook window, Loupdeck is helping you to speed up editing but, it will not stop you from wasting time on facebook, haha!)

I thought the best way to give you some quick insight into Loupdeck and how I use it is simply by recording a screen share while a process a few photos. I don’t like to spend ages on each image. My goal is always to get it right on the camera, at least I try!

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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