WordPress 4.6 “Pepper” is now available and is named after Pepper Adams, who played the Baritone saxophone and the clarinet. It is the second major release of the year 2016. This release doesn’t have any jaw-dropping features, only few new improvements and fixes several bugs. In this article, I will show you some new features in WordPress 4.6 and which features you should try after updating your websites.

New Features in WordPress 4.6

The highlights of the latest update for general WordPress users include;

  • Streamlined Updates for WordPress Themes and Plugins
  • Native Fonts for WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Editor Improvements including Inline Link Checker and Content Recovery

Managing Plugins and Themes is Faster

Building on the work introduced in WordPress 4.2, this release makes updating, installing, and deleting plugins and themes even faster. Gone are the days of watching a progress screen each time you install a plugin or theme.

Native Fonts in WordPress Dashboard

You will notice this change as soon as you have updated to the latest version of WordPress 4.6. The WordPress admin dashboard now uses native fonts from your device.


Using your operating system’s UI font for all text in the WordPress user interface makes your admin area load faster and provides you with a feel of a native application.

WordPress started using Open Sans font with Version 3.8 to maintain a consistent experience across multiple devices, but the technology and background conditions have changed over time, and the reasons for doing so are no longer relevant.

Sometimes users end up adding a broken link or improper URL in a post. If you publish the post, then that misspelled link goes live too.

Since 4.6, WordPress will now attempt to check for broken or poorly formatted links when you are using the Visual Editor. If a link is broken, then it will highlight the linked anchor text with red dots, showing the link URL in red.


WordPress Import Screen Redesign

The import screen has been redesigned under WordPress 4.6 and looks well polished. This is one of the most used features by beginners moving to WordPress from other platforms. The newly overhauled design that makes easier to understand the options should impress such WordPress beginners. Besides making it easier to install and run an importer, the overhaul has also improved the accessibility of the screen and options. Here’s what the newly redesigned import screen looks like:


Emoji Updates

Emoji Support for WordPress has been updated and now you use all of the latest Unicode version 9.0 emoji characters. Here’s a list of the new emoji characters under Unicode V9.0 for 2016.

Final Thoughts on WordPress 4.6

The 4.6 version of the software doesn’t introduce any major update and only adds on to incremental improvements. I really like the further improvements to shiny updates of themes and plugins. WordPress will release one more major update in 2016. The release of next version WordPress 4.7 will be lead by Helen Hou-Sandí and is scheduled to release in December 2016. Matt Mullenweg was originally on the list to lead the release but he later announced of stepping down due to some unexpected constraints.

What do you think of the updates in WordPress 4.6? Let me know your favourite new feature in the comments below.

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