I’ve been using Pixieset for around 5 years and like many other photographers fell in love with its beautiful design and ease of use! if you haven’t checked out one of their galleries out then I would definitely go take a look. When it first arrived on the scene it was a breath of fresh air, large full-screen landing page images with different typography and your images displayed beautifully below! no clunky design or bad user experience. Most photographers have a good eye for design so you can see why Pixieset have been so successful.

Pixieset is not only great to look but it also has some useful features, firstly to edit & create galleries is simple and effortless, it’s very quick to upload images and manage your galleries. They have made it very easy to do everything, from creating a new pricing list of products to linking PayPal or Google analytics. Your customers won’t see any of this but it will definitely make your life easier, especially if you have to do it every day!

Pixiset backend collections page

What your customers do see is a very elegant page with a full-screen image which fluidly moves on to the full gallery below, it’s a clean minimal design. which makes it obvious how to buy prints, select favourite images or download images. I think of a gallery as a continuing part of my branding, if my clients have enjoyment in viewing their images every time they’re visiting then they will more likely to refer me to others.

Pixieset also listens to users feedback, well up to a point but more of that in a minute! You can suggest a feature to their feedback forum and other users can vote for it to be possibly be created by Pixieset. They have added some great features such as image downloads, password protected galleries, client exclusive access, adding new labs for print fulfilment, Paypal/apple pay integration, Lightroom uploads and the ability for clients to create favourite lists to name a few!

Pixieset Review - Client Gallery for Photographers 2

But it’s not all good unfortunately, all this great design and features have a cost and if you photograph a lot then it’s going to high! They have 4 subscription prices, 10gb storage $96 per year – 50gb $192 per year – 250gb $288 per year and 1000gb – $480 per year (more if you pay monthly), they could really do with the 500gb option as the jump from 250-1000gb is pretty high and most people don’t need the latter. This is also all in Dollars so if you’re from the UK at the minute it’s even more expensive! f**k Brexit.

One of the biggest problems with Pixieset is they don’t offer automated sales emails when alternatives such as Shootproof & Pic-time do, and after contacting them recently that is not likely going to change, their reply was Pixieset is not intended for mass marketing purposes, It seems they have the ability to do this as you can save emails from galleries registrations and can send out automated emails for galleries expirations, just not for sales, for any photographer hoping to make more money from prints this is pretty annoying.

But even after these few problems, I still think they’re still the best in the field for showing off the images you work so hard on! But with some new competition such as Pic-time, they’re going to have to start working on increased sales capabilities for photographers to keep their customer base. But even still your clients will love their galleries! just maybe not your bank balance.

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