Despite the constant increase in customer awareness about SEO, many of them are still asking “why SEO is expensive?”. Let me start off by saying that everyone out there has a different definition of what “expensive” is. Some people will say that paying £300 for website SEO is “expensive” while others will pay more than £2,000 for website SEO before they consider this being “too expensive”. So the term “expensive” is relative. Below I present a list of several key aspects of the SEO, which affect the fact that website positioning is effective, reliable and expensive:

Experience and knowledge

More successfully completed SEO projects, then bigger experience that allow us to perfectly optimise websites for Google. However, SEO industry is very dynamic. It’s necessary to update knowledge and learn more to satisfy future clients.


There are numerous tools that helping us to analyse website, competitors or to plan SEO. More likely they are pricey and paid monthly. However, they deliver important data that in connection to our knowledge can be successfully used to build a good SEO.


Depend on the project, not all tasks are done by us. If it comes to writing articles, creating infographics or doing some long term marketing we must outsource them to better manage our timeline.

Analytics, monitoring and reporting

Thanks to website monitoring and analysing our strategy we can achieve all goals easier. It’s also important to do reports for clients so they can know the stats.

SEO Warehouse

It’s simply keeping hosting, domain names, websites, develop versions that helps during the SEO process.


Boring list of technical bits… But without that, every project we did would take much more time…

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